Remodels are so exciting! You’re finally getting to change up your space and switch out those old features with fresh, modern ones. When you decide to remodel it’s easy to want to jump right in once you get a good bid, but we’re here to remind you that some careful planning, budgeting, and research can go a long way.

Number one, plan ahead. Making decisions as things come up is a sure-fire way to end up with project delays, things being out of stock and other unplanned setbacks. Make decisions such as placement and product selections ahead of time, so you can be sure that everything works together- making the entire process run a lot more smoothly. This tip also helps tremendously when you’re aiming to stay within a budget. You get to see the grand total before making any final decisions and eliminate any surprises in that area.

Secondly, keep in mind all the future costs that will come down the line. Are you adding more lighting to your kitchen? When making a decision such as this one, remember the costs that come later… like the extra energy you’ll be using to have those lights up and running. Are you adding a hot tub to your backyard? Not only will you have to pay for the price of the tub and the install, but also for the water usage and upkeep that comes along with it. Just remember this when you’re planning a remodel, so you understand what you’re really getting into.

Most importantly, choose a remodeler you can trust. It’s important that clients are able to fully trust the company they choose, to ensure a positive experience on both ends – and allow the experts to make any necessary calls and decisions (with your permission, of course). When searching, it’s good to choose a company with several years of experience so they know the ins and outs of the industry, and have a wide variety of remodels under their belt. Quality companies will have a detailed contract and evaluate your space so that you can get an accurate expectation of what to expect.

Now that you have a few ground rules, start planning away! Once you find your remodeler and have a good idea of what you want, begin reaching out and building a plan for your new space.

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