Spring is upon us! The warmer weather inspires many of us to spend more time outside- but creating an enjoyable place to do so is critical in making this dream a reality! Creating an inviting, practical area in your backyard will do wonders in terms of enticing you and your family to spend time together outdoors.

If you already have an existing deck area- great! Simply start thinking about ways you’d like to improve upon what you already have, and what features you feel as though you’re missing. If you’re starting from scratch, there are a few different routes you can explore to find out what would work best within your lifestyle.

First things first, consider where you want your desk placed- and ensure it stays within the rules of your community. Many people prefer the privacy of a deck in their backyard rather than their front. Would you like your deck screened in, uncovered or a little bit of both? The options are truly endless. If your main goal is to get some fresh air, read a book and relax on an outdoor couch, a screened-in deck might be the option you prefer- particularly if you live in a hotter climate. However, if you envision yourself growing plants and basking in the sunshine, an uncovered deck is the better choice for you.

Research your options for material. Builder’s wood is the traditional option, but it doesn’t hold up for an extended amount of time and is susceptible to rotting. If you prefer the look of wood, splurging on hardwood with a protective coating will be your best bet. This flooring gives a luxurious look and a smooth feel. Other synthetic options such as vinyl are more weather-resistant, but will cost you more upfront. Talk with your builder about weighing your options and see what works best for your preferences!

Have a clear vision for your deck before you begin building. This is where communication with your builder is so important! If you want a deck with a hot tub, room for outdoor furniture and a dining table, communicating these wishes to your builder will allow them to create a blueprint that accounts for all of these features in terms of space and structure, so your end product turns out perfect.

Decks are so customizable and add fantastic value to a home! By taking the time to consider your vision for the deck of your dreams, when you’re ready to meet with your builder they’ll be able to draw up a clear plan that meets your criteria and stays within your budget. If you’re ready to get started, contact us at (310) 717-8963 or email us at vincent@williamsonconstruction.com!