Remodeling a laundry room can seem overkill- after all, they’re not typically decorated in any way. Besides a lack of style, the laundry room is typically bland and underperforming in many homes. There is usually a lot of unused dead space that should be utilized to help improve efficiency and keep things more organized.

When considering a remodel for your laundry room, start thinking about all the things you wish were different in your current laundry room… like more room to fold, a place to hang-dry clothes, or a fold-out ironing board. Features that save space and double as storage are great- like a bench to fold clothes on that opens to store laundry baskets, supplies and more.

When it comes to the laundry room, functionality comes before style. For flooring, go with a waterproof tile that is resistant to moisture, and won’t warp. Tile is practical and easy to clean. For an element of interest, choose a fun color for an accent wall or experiment with wallpaper! If the room allows, add a window for a source of natural lighting to give a calming feel- anything you can do to help you better enjoy the time you spend there.

Give yourself more space. All too often a laundry “room” is the size of a closet. For people with families, this room is used frequently, with many different loads and sorting that needs to be done throughout the week. Having a workspace to separate clothing and fold clothes can make a huge difference in eliminating clutter and maximizing efficiency.

Simply adding a counter for folding, a wall-retractable drying rack, along with a rod to hang up clean clothes can make a world of a difference. Items like drying racks and ironing boards can be mounted on the wall to save space and prevent you from having to store them elsewhere. Storage hacks like floating shelves, overhead cabinets and bins are all great ideas- these features all play a big part in keeping a tidy laundry room.

Is the noise a nuisance? Most washing and drying machines can produce a lot of noise due to their vibrations. If your laundry room is located near a bedroom or a living room, this can cause some problems. Adding soundproofing to your walls can help to eliminate this issue! They even have vibration pads that can be fitted to your machines to reduce the noise at the source.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but the options are limitless. Have a professional come out and evaluate your laundry room, so they can work with you and begin dreaming up ideas that will work with your particular space, lifestyle, and budget!