We all know that trends come and go, and developing your home around your own personal style is best. However, taking a peek at the latest trends can be a great way to find quick inspiration for sprucing up your home, and possibly finding a new style you love! If you feel you’re in need of a change, check out this list of the latest interior design trends for simple ways to incorporate some “newness” into your home this season.

Plants House plants are bigger than they’ve ever been. While having a few plants has always been popular, people are introducing more and more plants into their homes, in hopes of creating a natural, serene “jungle-like” atmosphere. Not only does the color green improve mental clarity and spike happiness, but it also drastically improves the air quality in your home. Having plants in your bedroom is a great idea to promote restful sleep. Keep some in your outdoor space, kitchen, living room, even in your shower. Just be prepared to care for them regularly!

Velvet Recently, velvet material has made a comeback. Reminiscent of seventies style, designers are loving velvet couches, blankets, and throw pillows, which add an exciting texture. These pieces are often in dramatic, glamorous eye-catching colors as well, like mustard yellows, bright blues and pinks, and more muted olive greens. However, you’re bound to find a color that complements the style of your home.

Yellow Decorating with the color yellow used to seem like a bit of a faux pas, as most shades were extremely bright and well, headache-inducing. Recently, muted yellows have come into play, particularly pastel and deep mustard hues. They go great with almost any existing color scheme, complementing neutral colors, blues, pinks, and blacks. Yellow plays to your style- it can easily be a soft accent color or a striking addition to any room.

Natural Materials In tune with the houseplant trend, people are starting to bring more of the outdoors inside. We’re ditching harsher materials like metal and castiron in favor of wood, bamboo and other lighter natural materials. Everything from trays, stools, kitchenware, and even wall decor are showing up in lighter colors and inspired by earthy materials. As for furniture pieces, you will start to see more and more unpainted furniture. Instead, people are focusing on staining or refinishing their wood pieces, and embracing its natural color. Rattan chairs and bed frames are also popular ideas to introduce this year.