Whether you’re simply looking to spruce up your home a bit, or you’re starting to plan for a potential move, in today’s blog we’re going to discuss a few different home improvement ideas that will increase the value of your home. No matter your budget, you’re sure to find something on this list that will make a big difference in your home’s value- with minimal effort.

Update your fixtures. In different styles of decor, the light fixtures chosen say a lot about the overall feel of the home. By switching outdated, tired fixtures for something more modern, it can make a big difference in a short amount of time. As for handles and knobs, go for something classic but understated, that will appeal to a large variety of people and design styles. Don’t overlook your faucets either- rusty, old faucets may turn off potential buyers. Opting for something with new features such as a touch-on faucet is a good move.

Replace or repaint your front door. This is something that many homeowners never think about replacing because they seldom see it. For buyers, however, the front entrance is their first impression. The more curb appeal, the more potential buyers. When choosing a door, think about picking something that is both simple and eye-catching with practical safety features. Even if you choose to simply repaint your existing door, adding a little color adds an element of interest to your home.

For buyers, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. They expect the bathrooms to look modern and updated, with newly installed bathroom appliances. This is unrealistic, however. If you’re wanting to sell your home without completely renovating your old bathroom, re-glazing the bathtub is a fantastic idea to give it a face-lift without breaking the bank. Glazing will bring back the shiny, new tub appearance. This is even something you can do yourself, or hire a professional.

Before you put your house on the market, hire a company to landscape your lawn. Even if it’s minimal, having a front-yard with fresh-looking grass, trimmed bushes and a few plants near the entrance can make a big difference in terms of curb appeal. When working with your landscaper, talk to them about choosing low-maintenance plants that will thrive with minimal effort. Plants native to your area are great for this!

With just a few simple improvements, you can effortlessly upgrade the overall feel and value of your home- attracting plenty of potential buyers along the way.