We love our pets. For many people, their pets are considered true members of the family. They love to be a part of our everyday lives, which centers around the time they spend in our homes. It’s said that over half of all American households own at least one pet. That being said, it’s important for us to consider the needs of our pets in the decisions we make regarding our homes!

Pets love having outdoor space to run, play and explore. As owners, it’s important that we provide them an area to be able to do so! If you’re looking for a space to live, keep ample backyard space as one of your priorities, or even spoil them with a screened-in patio. If possible, fence in your backyard to keep the little ones safe and away from the road.

Let the light in. A good daily dose of natural lighting is important for the wellbeing of any animal. Leave the blinds open during the day and stray away from dark curtains and shutters. Bay windows or window seats of all kinds are a great addition to any pet-loving home. They allow a special place for the animal to rest and relax while giving them a chance to get some sun and check out the outdoors.

Try and stick to wood floors. Those with puppies know- carpet is not exactly your friend when it comes to pets. Any kind of hard surface floor like wood, vinyl, or laminate will make clean-ups easy, as well as stain and odor-free. Though some carpet may claim to be stain-resistant, they tend to trap hair, dust, and dirt that can bother some visitors who suffer from allergies. If you think you’ll miss the cozy feeling carpet gives, experiment with some area rugs that will you give you that comfort and a pop of color. There are even some rugs that are machine washable now.

Include a mudroom in your home. Mudrooms are making a comeback in the world of home building- and for good reason. These rooms play a big part in keeping your home clean. For families with children, this is often where dirty shoes and sports equipment live; they never set foot in the main area of the house. For pet owners, this is a one-stop-shop. Install lockers or shelving with baskets for storing everything from leashes and kibble to shampoo and toys. It serves as a place to do everything from wiping off your pet’s muddy paws to feeding them and is a great home for litter boxes and kennels if used (you can even make these built-in to save space). If you have a bigger home, you can even add-in a pet-washing station specifically for your pet, so you never have to worry about cleaning out your bathtub, or dirtying up other areas of the house.

Because pets have become such an integral part of our lives and our families, it’s about time we start including them the way we choose and build our homes. For pet owners, it’s important to include everything your pet needs to live a healthy and happy life while maintaining functionality and convenience for you as an owner. We’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas, and ways to make home life better for our customers by providing solutions to their everyday needs.