Upgrading old, inefficient appliances in order to make your home more energy efficient is one of the easiest & most effective ways to upgrade the space you live in. While it’s not only great for our environment, doing so can help us save hundreds of dollars on utilities each year. Using outdated appliances quickly rack up the utilities- from the energy and water bill to the inevitable repair costs when something breaks down.

Energy can be saved in plenty of areas of your home, like electronics, lighting, insulation, your roof, air heating and cooling, water heating, and even the windows in your home. That being said, swapping out your appliances seems to be the easiest & cheapest way to make a big impact through your energy efficiency and are a quick change.

Naturally, 2019 has brought us some great technological advancements. Here are the best energy saving appliances as for this year. All appliances on this list are ENERGY STAR certified, meaning they are the best of the best in terms of energy efficiency. Since 1992, they have been providing the information needed for consumers and businesses to make well-informed decisions about the things they’re buying. If you want to be energy efficient, simply look for their label on household products. Here are our top appliance recommendations:

Refrigerator– Samsung has achieved ENERGY STAR certification for 82% of the products that they offer, and their fridges are no exception. Perhaps the most important appliance in your kitchen, your fridge is constantly operating & working to keep your food fresh. We especially recommend their Showcase Refrigerator line- 9% more efficient than competitors, their metal cooling technology helps to maintain a constant temperature, further amplifying its overall energy efficiency.

Washer & Dryers – Choosing an ENERGY STAR certified washer and dryer can save you tons of money, lessening your water & energy usage significantly. Maytag’s Front-Loading Washer with PowerWash System is your best bet when it comes to energy saving washers- it’s up to 25% more energy efficient than the average appliance. Complete with a 10-year warranty, it offers options for cold and rapid wash cycles to save some time and energy while your washer does the work for you.

Traditional dryers have been known to use the most energy out of any appliance in the average home. The Top Load HE Electric Dryer from Whirlpool, labeled as 20% more efficient, is a great addition to any sustainably conscious households. It’s moisture sensing technology adjusts to each and every load, and can adjust the timer on its own, stopping the minute your clothes are dry.

Dishwasher– Although dishwashers aren’t used as frequently as some of the other items on this list, the energy needed to heat the water tends to add up as the year goes on. The GE Dishwasher with Hidden Controls is up to 12% more energy efficient than the average dishwasher. It comes equipped with your standard features, plus a 1-hour wash cycle and a half-load option used to cut back on water usage if you need to wash a load that isn’t completely full.