With summer officially upon us, more of us find ourselves wanting to be outdoors enjoying the short season while it’s here. Kids are off of school and the sun is out- so outfitting your backyard to be the ultimate summer paradise is a must. Consider any factors that you think will make your backyard feel inviting, like your own private retreat. Draw inspiration from any resorts or other patio areas you’ve enjoyed as a good starting point.

First things first, create the perfect outdoor seating area. If your seating options consist of plastic folding chairs, it’s not likely that you’ll want to spend your time sitting on them. Splurging on comfortable outdoor furniture like a cushioned couch and coffee table will make it that much more enjoyable to sit outside. A great patio table set will provide space for fun outdoor dinners with the family, giving you a space to relax while you watch the kids run around. Consider adding a small bar to this area, equipped with an outdoor grill or mini fridge for a convenient way to entertain.

Make sure there’s a way to cool off. Summer weather can get unbearably hot, whether you have a pool or not. Opt for a covered pergola over your seating areas to keep the rays off, and install fans to keep the air nice and cool during any hour of the day. This makes for a much more inviting space, perfect for hosting get-togethers or a calming getaway area for some time alone. If this isn’t an option for you, include shade umbrellas instead. Likewise, plants and trees promote tranquility and help shade the area. Don’t forget about the importance of landscaping when creating your dream backyard.

Install backyard lighting. Though the summer season has long days, just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean that the party has to end. Ensuring your space is equipped with adequate lighting can completely transform the feel of your backyard. Classic string lights are a great choice, but there are plenty of options from lanterns to tiki torches that fit any desired style. If you have a pool or a hot tub, these areas need lighting too- we love dimmer, indirect lighting for these areas, great for a moodier atmosphere.

Spending time outside makes for great memories that your family will remember forever. Creating a comfortable backyard area will make the space much more inviting and the time spent more enjoyable, making it a space you can enjoy for years to come.