As we know, the kitchen is one of the most customizable rooms in the home. Open concept, island kitchens are all the rage these days- as are walk-in pantries. Even so, with all the options for kitchen customization, the possibility of a walk-in pantry sometimes takes a back seat in favor of other features. A spacious pantry can do wonders for a kitchen, however, and shouldn’t be overlooked!

The biggest and most obvious reason to incorporate a walk-in pantry is the extra room for storing food. With a walk-in pantry, the overwhelming feeling of a cluttered pantry begins to fade away. A walk-in has room for shelving, baskets and more organizational tools, which helps keep your pantry in order. You may find it helpful to create baskets with labels for certain groups of items such as pasta, grains, beans and more. This sentiment is also family-friendly- create snack baskets for the children filled with some of their favorite snacks to make packing lunches quicker.

There are a few benefits to this extra storage and organization, like being able to better see what ingredients are actually in your pantry. When everything has a place, you can determine what you need at a glance – and eliminate buying doubles of things you already have. On the other hand, for people who prefer buying in bulk, a large pantry is great for keeping extra non-perishable items in stock, which is a great way to reduce the number of trips you take to the store each month.

Secondly, it can also store large kitchen appliances and other special occasion items up and away from the main kitchen area and can free up cupboard and counter space. This keeps your kitchen less cluttered and easier to work in. You can also keep things like extra bottles of cleaning supplies, dish soap or baking paper stored away in your pantry, instead of taking up space in drawers.

Walk-in pantries are wonderful tools to have when cooking, cleaning, organizing and meal-planning. They reduce clutter, allow you more storage space and can even save money and trips to the store. If you’re thinking about incorporating a walk-in pantry into your kitchen layout, reach out to us to get some ideas and discuss how one may work in your space.