As October rolls in, our preferences begin to shift. We prefer pumpkins over springy florals and earthy oranges and reds over blues and pinks. We want cozier atmospheres, heart-warming hues and long for the perfect space to spend an evening cuddled up on the couch watching seasonal movies. As the weather cools down, we start to make changes in our homes in order to get ready for the coming months. Here are few home improvement ideas, both big and small, inspired by the fall season that we think you’ll love.

Fall is for outdoor and indoor fireplaces! when the weather cools off, one of the most popular activities seems to be gathering with friends around a warm fireplace, whether it be telling stories outside on the porch or sharing a pot of tea in the living room. Fireplaces come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and materials. Electric fireplaces are a popular choice nowadays. Not only do they actually warm up your space, but they offer a warm source of lighting as well.

Bring out your accessories. With the turn of the season, many people like to switch out their throw pillows and blankets with those of seasonal colors. For fall, chunky knit blankets, flannels, and cozy textures are lovely fabrics that add a nice touch to your home. Candles are another accessory you can add to almost any room in the house, that offers both a seasonal scent and provides moody lighting when lit.

Introduce richer, warmer colors into the house. Deep, rusty oranges and muted reds and burgundies embody the season. If you’re wanting to go for a more dramatic change, try out one of these colors as an accent wall in a guest bathroom, or paint your front door for as an eye-catching statement. Fun furniture pieces like velvety orange lounge chairs or couches are a good option as well.

Replace any stiff, modern materials with natural materials. Modern style furniture pieces made of rigid, cool materials like metal aren’t very warm and inviting for fall. Whether it be a kitchen table or a side table, switching these out for natural materials such as wood will give the space an overall cozier feeling.

We hope you take a few of the tips and implement them into your home this fall! Improving our spaces and adapting them to the changing seasons is always fun, and we love being inspired by all the new ideas each year.